Beneficial Coffee


If you Love Coffee . . . you'll absolutely love our Beneficial Coffee!

As a maker, I design my own coffee blends using healthy + beneficial ingredients.  I am looking for coffee lovers to try my dark + bold designer blended coffee.  Like my products, this blend is unique + uncommon . . . it's also beautiful to look at.

Coffee + tea make the perfect partnership, combined there are no jitters + no crashing.  The coffee brings you up + energizes you . . . the tea helps keep you there.  When you add in the other superfoods, our coffee is not only healthy, it tastes good, too!

Our Beneficial Coffee is smooth enough to drink black, bold enough to stand up to sugar + cream and has enough character to be Bullet-Proofed!

Ingredients include:

 Organic Mexican Blended Coffee this dark roast coffee blend is creamy + mellow without harsh or bitter notes. Layers of smoky sweetness reminiscent of burnt sugar + caramel linger, along with dark chocolate fudge + orange flavors. Raisin sweetness + a slight acidity round out this extraordinary cup.

Organic Blended Black Tea is strong and bold, with an intriguing complexity.

Lingzhi Mushroom known as the King of herbs, is antibacterial, antiviral, is said to minimize stress, is a potent source of antioxidants, helps lower cholesterol, urinary tract support + liver protection.

Cordyceps are said to improve respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, boost heart health, detoxify the body, prevent certain types of cancer, slow the aging process, increases energy + improve the immune system.

Forbidden Rice is the richest in powerful disease-fighting antioxidants including the highest antioxidant found in any known food, anthocyanin, contains dietary fiber, anti-inflammatory properties, has the ability to help stop the development of diabetes, cancer, heart disease + even weight gain, also provides energy + helps detoxify the body.

Handcrafted. This beneficial coffee blend is loose.

*********************************************CHOOSE YOUR GRIND***************************************
 COURSE: works best in French Press (my favorite choice)
MEDIUM: works best in drip or peculator coffee maker
FINE: works best in espresso machine
                                                             If no grind is chosen, Medium will be sent.

Directions:  Bring 10 ounces of filtered water (+/- to taste) to a boil + turn off heat, add coffee to boiled water, cover + steep for at least 5 minutes (the longer the steep to more full-bodied the coffee), strain + enjoy.  Drink black or with a little agave syrup, stevia, +/or half + half. 

I've brewed my coffee twice.  The first brew yields bold coffee; the second steep has more of the tea flavor.  Try steeping the bag twice + let me know what you think.

net wt 2 oz