A NEW Way to Wash . . .

I know you very talented people have been bathing + washing yourself since you were 5 years old.  However, I'd like you to consider a more effective way of allowing our nourishing products to better penetrate, benefit + love on your skin. 

Skin is our largest organ + absorbs everything we put on it . . . even rinse-off products like soap + scrubs. 

Soooo, how you wash + what you wash with is very important!


How to Shower With Our Handmade Soap . . .

  1. run a warm shower + wet your body;
  2. saturate the washcloth or sponge;
  3. turn off the water;
  4. create a hearty lather with the soap;
  5. wash your body completely from head-to-toe, repeat without rinsing;
  6. to fully nourish your skin, let the lather sit on your skin for a few minutes
  7. rinse thoroughly with warm water, then with cool water;
  8. repeat, if needed;
  9. massage our Ahhmazing Body Oil ~ Even Complexion or Moisturizing Whipped Shea Butter into your wet skin; and
  10. air dry, if you can.


How to Use Our Poo Bars . . .

1) Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water for a minute or so (this loosens the debris + oil in your hair);

2) Wet the Poo bar;

3) Turn off the water;  

4) Create a thick lather by applying the poo bar to your hair in a one-way circular motion (be careful not to agitate your hair); OR you can create a lather by rubbing the soap in the palm of your hands then applying the lather to your hair (this method takes longer to create lather)

5) Let the rich lather sit on your hair for a few minutes (allowing the vitamins, minerals + other hair + scalp-loving ingredients do their thing);

6) Rinse thoroughly with warm water, then cool water; repeat, if needed;

7) Pat your hair dry with a t-shirt or paper towel; 

8) Condition hair as usual with our Bamboo + Diatomaceous Earth Silica Deep Conditioner

9) Apply our Herbal Scalp + Hair Butter, Nourishing Scalp Serum +/or Coconut Water Herbal Hair Mist  to damp hair, air dry.


Towels dry . . .
the thicker + thirstier they are the more the suck the hydration + moisture from your skin.  If you must dry your skin, use a t-shirt or thin towel to remove excess water.

To lock in hydration + super moisturize your skin, massage our Ahhmazing body oil or one of our fantastic butters into your damp skin, then air dry.  You'll be Ahhmazed at how muchmore healthy + radiant your skin looks + feels.

How to Use our Body Scrubs + Polishes . . .

For Enhanced Lymphatic Stimulation:  Take small handfuls of our scrub or polish + work into skin with gentle circular motions. To promote good circulation + detoxification, work from the feet to the torso then from the hands to the torso, paying special attention to cellulite + other problem areas.

1. wash using one of our luxury + gourmet soaps;

2. turn off the water;

3. apply the scrub/polish starting from your feet to your torso;

4. then apply scrub/polish from your hands to your torso;

5. massage into your skin until all of the sugar or salt melts;

6. rinse thoroughly with warm water, then with cool water;

7. air dry

Extending the life of your soap . . .

I'm sure you want to get the most of your J. Lexi holistic handmade natural soap, right?  I thought so!  Below are 2 ways to help your soap last longer . . .

 Cut your generous bar in half.  Use half now + wrap the other half + put in a moisture-proof place, like a draw.
Our holistic handmade bars do NOT include preservatives or foaming agents + will melt, if let in water. 
Dry your bar between uses by resting it on a draining soap dish.


John 3:16