NO REFUND: All payments are non-refundable. If you find that you will not be able to attend a class please refer your options below.

RESCHEDULING/FULL CREDIT – please contact coach@handmadesoapcoach.com to reschedule a class for any reason to another class being offered. You can reschedule a class as long 7 day advance notice is given.

PARTIAL CREDIT – if you need to cancel a class and it is less that 7 days before the registered class but more than 48 hours before the scheduled class a 50% credit can be applied to registering to another class being offered.

NO SHOW – If you do not show up for a class for any reason your class registration is NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-Transferable and NO CREDIT will be given toward any future class.


Since I want to be in compliance with the  FTC Ruling for Bloggers this disclosure is to inform you of the following:

  • The information on this website is freely shared.
  • Some links listed in a blog post or on a web-page may lead to resources I have used and enjoy and what you to know about which I may be compensated for.

Photo Release

I give permission to J. Lexi, LLC and its subsidiaries (collectively, “J. Lexi”), to use my likeness, alone or with others, by means of photograph, video or other medium chosen by J. Lexi for use in promotional materials or publicly. I understand my likeness may appear in internal publications, promotional audio/visual presentations, or external publicity, including, without limitation, use on J. Lexi’s website, blog or its periodic newsletter or annual report.

I agree that I shall have no right to (i) preapprove J. Lexi’s use of my likeness as described above, (ii) claim compensation for J. Lexi’s use of my likeness as described above, and (iii) make any claims based on J. Lexi’s use or discontinuance of use of my likeness as described above, including any claims for libel, defamation or invasion of privacy. I agree that J. Lexi shall own all images taken by it or its representatives.

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I have the right to contract in my own name. I have read this agreement and I fully understand it. This permission shall be binding on me and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

Waiver of Liability

In participating in Making It with Celeste classes as a teacher, participant, or guardian of participant in classes hosted by J. Lexi, LLC (hereinafter referred to as J. Lexi) hereby agree to the terms of this Waiver of Liability.  This waiver is in force for the entire duration of the class including preparation and cleanup and whenever I am taking classes hosted by J. Lexi.   I understand and acknowledge that there is no guarantee that this activity is free of risk of personal injury or property damage or loss.  I agree to abide by all applicable J. Lexi policies. I understand that no one except the Owner of J. Lexi, Celeste M Munford, or her specific designee has the authority to change or waive any of the provisions of this waiver.

I understand and acknowledge that in order to participate in this class I agree to assume all liability and responsibility for any and all potential risks, injuries, or even death that may be associated with my participation in this class.

 I understand, acknowledge, and agree that Celeste M Munford, J. Lexi, its employees, and volunteers, any assistants to or agents of the instructor, or any representatives of the above, shall not be liable for any injury, illness, damage to or loss of property suffered by me which is incident to and/or associated with preparation for and participation in classes at J.Lexi.

I hereby release, discharge, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless all parties mentioned above free from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with my participation in this class.  For purpose of this Waiver, liability means all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, suits, or judgments of any kind that may originate from any guardians, heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns against all parties mentioned  above because of my personal, physical, or emotional injury, accident, illness, or death, or because of any loss or damage to property that occurs to me or my property during my participation that may result from any cause including but not limited to all parties mentioned above own passive or active negligence or other acts from fraud, willful misconduct, or violation of the law.