Beauty Water: Ionized Acid Water


Beauty Water: Ionized Acid Water . . .

In our attempt to be more earth friendly + to protect the integrity of the Ionized Acid Water, we are now using a brushed aluminum bottle.

*****Keep away from eyes*****

The power of water!

I'm very excited about my 21-day fresh alkaline water challenge. Up to now, I've been drinking bottled alkaline water; while it's more beneficial than tap or other bottled waters, it loses some of it's pH power after being bottled + sitting for extended periods of time.

Alkalinity ranges from 1 (very acidic) to 14 (very alkaline).  Neutral pH is about 7. 

While many drink alkalizing water to create an environment conducive for health and to hydrate + detox our bodies, our skin + hair should be more acidic than alkaline with a pH between 4 + 6.  This low, or acidic, pH works as a protective mechanism, as germs cannot thrive on skin in an acidic environment.

What are the benefits of Beauty Water? Glad you asked . . . I know what you're thinking; Beauty Water, really Celeste?  Yes. Beauty Water . . . it’s not a gimmick.

Beauty Water or Ionized Acid Water (non-drinking water) can only be made from an water ionizer + typically has pH levels between 4 + 6; it can be lower depending on your skin's needs. Used externally it helps soften, moisturize + hydrate in the same way expensive creams or lotions would, but more importantly, without the added chemicals.  For maximum benefit, our Beauty Water is bottled at the time of order and should be used within 30 days; however acid water is said to get better over time. Acid Water can be refrigerated.

Beauty Water is astringent + oxidative.

Beauty Water causes the contraction of body tissues (which then tightens, softens + provides an environment for healing) which is perfect for the treatment of many common skins conditions known today.

Beauty Water’s slightly acidic pH allows it to firm + tone the skin, helping to keep it looking young + youthful and drastically reducing the aging process!

Beauty Water can be used throughout the day, with the use of a sprayer, on the skin – even over make-up – to refresh + re-hydrate.  When used regularly, the results are phenomenal!  I keep a small bottle in my pocketbook + spray on my face + hands throughout the day to keep them fresh + youthful.

Using a combination of varying strong alkaline water to strong acid water should help eliminate acne, eczema, psoriasis + other skin conditions!

I can create a custom Beauty Water Therapy package for you to help fight blemishes, acne + skin conditions and de-hydration.

Also when used instead of, or with, conditioner, it will tighten your scalp, de-tangle hair, stimulate growth + add a brilliant shine to your hair. I love using Beauty Water when twisting my natural hair or just to give it added hydration.  Beauty Water can replace the ACV hair rinse.

Besides skin + hair, various settings of Beauty Water can be used to assist in healing cuts + scrapes, water plants, bathe animals, clean your classes, help soothe diaper rash + more.

**********Our ionized acid water is 5 pH, which is effective for both skin + hair. 
If you're looking for a lower or high pH acid water, please message me************

9 oz 

If you're interested in getting your own quality ionizing water filter to create alkaline + acidic water, contact me.

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