Coconut Palm Wood Spoon (natural + handmade)


Aren't these spoons just the best!

I've partnered with a fair trade + sustainable company who makes 100% Handmade Natural Coconut Palm Wood Spoons which serve as a constant reminder for you to eat consciously. 

Wooden spoons + utensils have been used for centuries as kitchen tools all over the world. They are a cook’s best friend and perfect for stirring food, as wood is naturally anti-bacterial.

Coco Wood is sourced from the coconut palm tree widely available in South East Asia from plantations that are dedicated to growing coconuts.

These trees are able to bear for about 80 years of their life after which the tree is unfortunately burned or luckily recycled.

Nourishing your body mindfully allows you to honor the food you eat, and thus honor yourself. It has the power to change the way you relate to food, to your body, to the earth and even your life.

Each spoon is unique just like you. 

Listing is for 1 spoon.

 No artificial glues or lacquers

 Sustainable products for everyday living

 Living with Nature not against it

 All of our products are biodegradable

 Fair trade practices when sourcing our products

 Plant a tree with every purchase


 Easy to clean

Care Instructions:

Please see the care instructions below to keep your coconut products in tip top shape.

 Follow these tips and your coconut bowl will enjoy a beautiful, long life

 Hand wash only with soapy water, wipe clean and dry immediately, no dishwashers for these beauties

 Avoid putting your bowls in the fridge, freezer, oven, or microwave

 Rub with coconut oil every so often to keep the lustre and to add moisture, especially in drier climates.

Thank you for shopping responsibly.

Mission Statement of our partner, Karmic Seed:

At Karmic Seed we believe that every action starts at the source. From planting the seeds on the field to sowing the seeds within ourselves. We will strive to set the foundation so that every seed that we plant reaches its highest potential. All products are one hundred percent sustainable and eco-friendly. When creating our products, we will not add anything artificial to embellish the items, as nature has already created it’s masterpiece and our job is to assist in showcasing it’s beauty.

By purchasing a Karmic Seed product, you are actively supporting ethical-trade, sustainable practices, and are becoming an active partner of our reforestation program.

If not us, then who?

The footprints we leave on this planet add up day by day. It is our responsibility to help educate and empower people to make proactive choices. Please help us in supporting active global change.