Fenugreek Molasses Protein+Vitamin B3 Deep Conditioner


Fenugreek Molasses Protein+Vitamin B3 Deep Conditioner is a nutrient + vitamin-rich hair conditioner. Made with aloe vera gel, raw milk Almasi yogurt + fenugreek seed fermentation, our pH balanced deep conditioner helps create an environment for healthy hair + scalp.


Created with an innovative formula + full-spectrum natural preservative, our lightly-floral fragrant Fenugreek Molasses detangles, as it strengthens + conditions hair. Ionized acid water helps to soften + hydrate hair.


 Fenugreek Seed Fermentation helps strengthen hair from roots, treat follicular problems + help reduce hair fall. The fermentation process heightens the benefits.


 Vitamin B3 contains Niacinamide, which is necessary for cellular energy + optimal tissue function, stimulates hair growth, reduce incidence of hair loss + nourishes the scalp.


 Black Strap Molasses is a great source of iron + calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, + manganese; helps promote healthy hair. 


 Fermented Aloe Vera Leaf moisturizes, oxygenates cells, contains vitamins A + C, helps promote hair growth, reduce dandruff, maintain scalp's pH balance + condition hair.


 Macademia Nut Oil is lightweight, nutritive + great for calming hair of frizz, tangles + dullness; adds sheen adds; is reconstructive + hydrating; contains squalene to help reduce the oxidative stress on our scalp by preventing loss of moisture.


 Flax Seed Oil hydrates, moisturizes, is anti-inflammatory + minimizes irritation, tissue inflammation, help stave off hair loss, dandruff, and other hair + scalp conditions.


 Lanolin is a thick, waxy natural oil found in sheep's wool, is most similar to the natural oils produced by human skin, is a thick moisturizer + hair conditioner.

Fenugreek Molasses Protein+Vitamin B3 Deep Conditioner Ingredients Include: fenugreek seed fermentation, coconut milk, vitamin B3, black strap molasses, fermented aloe vera leaf, macadamia nut oil, flaxseed oil, lanolin + fragrance


net wt 8 oz


Due to the handmade process, each batch is unique + can result in differences in the color, look + design from batch to batch.


Using the bounty of nature, we create skin-loving recipes to nourish your hair, face + body! At J. Lexi, LLC we believe ingredients are best as nature created them.   Our holistic natural products are handmade in small batches + contain a combination of fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, probiotics, herbs, botanicals, vitamins, proteins, minerals, superfoods, amino acids, natural moisturizers + more. Our real skin food products help beautify + promote healthy, glowing skin!  Using unique + uncommon ingredients, the goal is to help you achieve a hydrated, exfoliated, moisturized, even-toned + blemish-free complexion.


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