Premium Sea Sponges for Face + Body


Sponges are very primitive animals: as every encyclopedia article tells us, they are the most primitive of all multi-cellular organisms. Although they are classified by biologists as animals, they lack “animal-like” organs and digestive or reproductive systems.

The few commercial species of sponges consist primarily of the dried skeleton of the living sponge, which is made up only of “spongin” tissue (the soft part of the sponge) and has no hard elements.  Personally, I use the best commercial sponges available: 100% wool on my body + 100% silk on my face.

PREMIUM WOOL SEA SPONGES are considered to be the highest quality for most commercial uses. Soft, very absorbent and quite durable, the wool sponges are the most desirable of all commercial sponges. Our sea-wool sponges are the softest and most absorbent of all sponges. They embody the ultimate experience in bathing.

Premium Wool Sea Sponges come in 2 sizes:

~ Medium (5 - 5.5 inches)
~ Large (6 - 6.6 inches)

PREMIUM SILK SPONGES from the Mediterranean have very fine pores allow maximum absorption + their smooth surface + feel render them a unique finishing tool.

Premium Silk Sponges come in a 2 - 3 inch size