Probiotic Soap Odds + Ends


Our Probiotic Soap Odds + Ends give you a chance to experience our probiotic handmade soaps before committing to a full-size bar.  We use handmade + home-brewed probiotics:

Get up to 1 pound of probiotic soap odds + ends of the following 13 choices:

 Adam (made with organic whole milk kefir + microdermabrasion crystals)
 Alaska Mineral Mud (made with pure Alaska mud + Green Coffee Kombucha)
Coconut Milk Kefir (made with 100% coconut milk + milk kefir grains)
Diamond Dust (made with organic whole milk kefir + microdermabrasion crystals)
Fermented Blueberry Lavender (made with home-brewed kombucha vinegar, fresh blueberries + lavender flowers)
Kefir (homemade using fresh kefir grains + organic whole milk + raw milk)
Kombucha Kefir (made with home-brewed kombucha vinegar, SCOBY, kefir + kefir grains)
Kvass (homemade with fresh beets)
Raw Kombucha Black (made from kombucha vinegar home-brewed over 30 days + cambrian blue clay)
Raw Kombucha Green (made kombucha sweet green tea home-brewed under 30 days)
Rhassoul Clay + Kombucha Clarifying Shampoo Bar (made with kombucha vinegar home-brewed over 30 days)
Vinegar 3 (made with home-brewed raw kombucha black tea vinegar, bamboo vinegar + apple cider vinegar)
Whey (made with homemade organic whole milk kefir or Greek yogurt )
Yogurt + Whey (made with homemade Greek yogurt + yogurt whey)

Request the probiotic samples you'd like; if they're available, I'm happy to send 'em to ya!

This set includes up to 1 lb of probiotic soap odds + ends.  Weight will vary based on the individual weight of the soap ends. Multiples of 1 type are not permitted.