My Story

I'm Celeste Marie Munford, Creative Director + CEO of J. Lexi, LLC. 


I AM a BEliever in Christ.  I’ve been a creator, of sorts, ever since I can remember.  While I love to bake + cook, I've never created a recipe, for some reason I have always followed the recipe's rules without question or hesitation.  Soap making was completely different for me!  After my first soap-making class I was hooked!  I loved the fact that I could create my own recipes. From the very beginning I used herbs, botanicals, proteins, fresh fruits, vegetables + dairy products.  Creating recipes has made me FREE + helped me to think outside-of-the box.  I love it!


God has gifted me with the ability to create a great skin-loving recipe + for that I am forever grateful + thankful.  I am, however, challenged by color + design . . . I continue to be a work in progress.  I am enjoying the journey of creating natural handmade soap, scrubs, butters + other products for hair, face + body.


My desire is for everyone to have healthy + beautiful skin that is hydrated, moisturized, exfoliated + smooth.  My goal is to provide quality products that are both luxurious + gourmet.


When not formulating products, I am either at my full-time job, spending time with my daughter + granddaughter, at church, updating something for my business, or baking or fermenting something. I am a naturalista in training + am loving my natural hair care journey.  I created BE FREE. Lifestyle Coaching Ministry to help others BE who they say they are.


It's interesting how soap making is helping me to take better care of myself.  As I study the skin-loving benefits of the ingredients I use, I am learning how incorporating many of the herbs + botanicals into my daily diet.  Recently I've fallen in love with fermented + probiotic foods + beverages.  I not only consume them . . . I make them, too! 

Celeste M Munford
Creative Director + CEO

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