Real Food for Healthy Skin, Hair + Uncommon Beauty

Real Food for Healthy Skin, Hair + Uncommon BeautyReal Food for Healthy Skin, Hair + Uncommon Beauty


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J. Lexi donates 10% of annual proceeds to charities or non-profit organizations who support women, children and community. By purchasing from J. Lexi, you not only get skin-loving products for yourself . . . you help to uplift, empower + help heal families and distressed communities. 

Signature Services . . .

Gift certificates are the perfect gift to show love (which in some cases is letting the person choose their own gift)! Our standard gift certificates come in denominations of  $25, $50, $75 + $100 + don't expire.   If you'd like to purchase a different amount, please contact us at  

Event Favors . . .

 We'd love to partner with you to help make your event memorable!  We specialize in unique, luxurious + gourmet products that make perfect favors for baby showers, birthdays, weddings + all other celebrations. Contact us today to create a one-of-a kind memorable, holistic handmade favor or party gift. 

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Retail Partner:

The Eclectic Chic Boutique

547 Bloomfield Avenue

Montclair, New Jersey

Shop in person for a limited supply of J. Lexi + Third Day Hemp products.  I'd love to meet you! If you're interested in meeting in person, sampling products or asking questions let me know at and I'll do what I can to meet you there.

Affiliate Partners:

I use quality ingredients from my Affiliate Partners.  Please shop with my affiliate partners by clicking the links below.  When you shop from my website, I am compensated.

Essential Depot

Shop at Essential Depot for soap + candlemaking supplies.

Wild Foods

Wild Foods was founded out of an obsession with finding the best ingredients in the world to support health and longevity. 


I've taken HealthyCell Pro vitamins consistently since 2016. The morning + evening formulas are very beneficial.  

@ J. Lexi, we love to partner with people or organizations who'd like to create products using their own ingredients.  For example, if you grow your own lavender + want to use it in a lotion . . . I'll make a batch for you.  Or let's say you have mother's milk + would like me to made a soap for your family using your milk . . . I'll make a batch for you.